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Dear Partners,
We are happy to announce the program and open registration for TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 on the 24th October: Cell sourcing and stem cells for drug development and Sino-Swiss Workshop on Tissue Engineering on the 23rd October 2019 . Both events will take place in Waedenswi, Switzerland at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.
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TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 - Registration Open and Final Program Available
At TEDD Annual Meeting 2019, we will discuss how stem cells have already been used in the drug discovery process and how novel technologies can be applied to attain widespread adoption of stem cell technology by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Exhibitors will show us their products and services over a long community lunch break.

TEDD AM2019 Program
TEDD AM2019 Registration
TEDD Sino Swiss Workshop on Tissue Engineering 2019 - Registration Open and Final Program Available
TEDD Sino-Swiss
During TEDD Sino-Swiss Workshop on Tissue Engineering the researchers from Southeast University (SEU) in China, Swiss academic and industrial research groups active in the field of tissue engineering will discuss possibilities of building a strategic alliance.
TEDD Workshop Program
TEDD Workshop Registration
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