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Dear TEDD Partners,
We are delighted that this year's TEDD Annual Meeting proved again to be a place to learn, meet, exchange and collaborate. We experienced that we can keep the connections virtually. Nevertheless, we are looking forward for the next in person meeting. Thanks to the technology, we can share some of the talk and exhibition recordings with TEDD Partners to enjoy at their convenience. We wish you a wonderful autumn time.

Kind regards
TEDD Partnership Fee 2021 reduced by 40%
Due to current exceptional circumstances, we decided to reduce the TEDD Partnership annual fee from CHF 750.- to CHF 450.- for the year 2021. With this, we would like to appreciate having you as a TEDD partner and we are looking forward seeing you virtually or in person at one of our events in 2021.
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Summary of the event
Press Release
Rapid advances in 3D cell culture models contribute to a future without animal testing
Press Release: Ten years ago the ZHAW Competence Center “Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing" was an absolute pioneer in the Swiss research landscape, and TEDD researchers and their partners are still at the forefront today.
Progress Report
Are we getting closer to animal replacement?
This Progress Report reviews recent advances in human organ‐on‐a‐chip (Organ Chip) microfluidic culture technology, which demonstrate their ability to recapitulate human physiology and disease states, as well as human patient responses to clinically relevant drug pharmacokinetic exposures, with higher fidelity than other in vitro models or animal studies.
Application Note
Automated cell seeding and medium exchange for the growth of individual 3Dd cell spheroids
Application note of TEDD partner collaboration. ZHAW and Tecan - automated a 3D cell culture process using Corning® 96-well spheroid microplates on the Fluent® Automation Workstation.
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