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Dear TEDD Members,
Dear TEDD Members,
We are very much looking forward to the first TEDD event in 2020 at Adolphe Merkle Institute. This year is the year of collaboration. The current technological standard allows us to collaborate and communicate very easily across borders and time zones giving us the opportunity to work together with people across the globe to perform state-of-the-art research projects. Working together as collaborators means that one can focus on their most persuasive skills. Let's start this collaborative year by generating ideas around Human 3D Tissue Models for Hazard Assessment and Cancer Research.
We look forward seeing you at the Adolphe Merkle Institute. Space is limited to 25 people for better interaction.

Best wishes
AMI 2020
Register for TEDD Event: Human 3D Tissues for Hazard Assesment and Cancer Research - deadline 17.01.2020. Only 25 spots available.
The BioNanomaterials group at AMI is investigating how tissue engineering approaches can be optimized to improve the predictive power of human 3D models. Ongoing research projects will be presented about how to investigate the hazard of aerosolized nanomaterials such as e.g. carbon nanotubes with lung tissue, the interaction of micro- and nanoplastic particles with a novel intestine model, and the effect of diesel exhaust particles on skin properties using a reconstructed epidermal model. Finally, the emerging the 3D Bioprinting technology for the design of an omental model to study the dynamics of cancer cells will be presented.

The deadline for registration is on the 17.01.2020
Program and details
TEDD membership 2020
TEDD Membership Fee 2020
The January is the time of renewal of TEDD membership. You will soon receive the invoices and as announced in October 2019 the fee is increased to CHF 750. We thank you for building the community together!
3D Cell Culture
TEDD Member Event: Corning’s 3D Cell Culture
Join us for an exclusive day to hear from industrial and academic researchers about high throughput screening using spheroids, imaging of 3D structure, and organoid-based models.
TERMIS 2020 European Chapter - Abstracts by 10.01.2020
Abstract Submission Extended Deadline: January 10, 2020, Early-Bird Registration Deadline: March 13, 2020
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