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TEDD Competence Centre
Dear Partners,
October is an exciting time for TEDD network with TEDD Annual Meeting. International speakers from China, USA, UK, Hong Kong as well as Swiss industry and academics will talk about their innovations. During lunch we will visit booths of 16 industry exhibitors. At Apero we can futher celebrate a fruitful year of collaboration. We look forward to see you there!
Deadline for registration is extended till 16.10.2019.
Register as soon as possible - there are only few places left.
With kind regards
ZHAW Competence Centre TEDD
TEDD Annual Meeting
Registration is open! Stem Cells and Organ-on-a-Chip are the two main subjects of this year's TEDD Annual Meeting with Sino-Swiss Workshop with our Chinese colleagues from Southeast University. Join us on October 23-24, 2019 when excellent speakers share their state-of-art research and innovative exhibitors show their newest products and services.

Places for both events are limited.
TEDD AM Symposium 2019
TEDD AM2019 Sino-Swiss Workshop on Tissue Engineering
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is a Swiss company dedicated to high-throughput analysis of biomedical images. Our multidisciplinary team combines human and artificial intelligence to turn terabytes of microscopy data into quantitative results. We develop and offer cutting-edge image processing technology, scalable in throughput,consistent in quality. Your data is our passion: We automated image segmentation and analysis workflows for R&D in histopathology, 3D cell-culture analysis, whole brain imaging, neural tissue quantification and 3D electron microscopy.
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