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Dear TEDD Partners,
We are very excited to host TEDD Annual Meeting 2021 IN PERSON on 14th October 2021 in Wädenswil. The REGISTRATION is OPEN until 1st October 2021. TEDD Partner participate for FREE and the space is limited.

We are looking very much forward seeing you all live again!

Kind regards
TEDD Annual Meeting 2021
TEDD Annual Meeting, 14 October 2021
During this meeting we want to show microphysiological systems' (MPS) application diversity across different industry sectors, like pharma, medtech, biotech, cosmetics, diagnostics, fragrances, and food.

Registration is FREE for TEDD Partners.

We are aware of the dynamic situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. During this in-person event we will implement the necessary safety measures accodring to the BAG and ZHAW guidelines.
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Exhibition Call
Exhibition Call
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New TEDD Partners
TisseLabs is the platform for creating organs and tissues in the lab. We offer biomaterials, equipment, and services to support tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Our products are created to allow performing state-of-the-art research, from drug discovery to organ fabrication.
Sartorius offers highly flexible platforms that support applications across various areas of research, including immunology, oncology, immuno-oncology, neuroscience, cell therapy, antibody discovery, and small molecule discovery.
EPFL AGORA Translational Cancer Research Center
The AGORA Translation Cancer Research Center, at EPFL School of Life Sciences, vision is to progress in translating advances in cancer research to the clinic by assembling interdisciplinary research groups with complementary expertise to focus on grand challenges and opportunities. The Bioengineering and Technology is a new platform at AGORA.
CymatiX™: The first acoustic bioprinter at TEDD
Sound Induced Morphogenesis (SIM) is a gentle, fast, and easy method to generate multi-cellular, spatially orchestrated tissue constructs using sound waves. The Center for Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering at ZHAW aquired CymatiX the first acoustic bioprinter on the market from mimiX Biotherapeutics.
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