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Dear TEDD Partners,
We would like to wish you and your families calm and connected Christmas and Happy Holidays. We are looking forward to the future with hopes and humbleness.

Currently, we are working hard to further develop the TEDD Competence Centre together with the Thematic Platform In Vitro Diagnostics (TP-IVD) into a more extensive network covering cross-sectoral industries, including food, fragrances and diagnostics. We will resubmit our proposal for a National Thematic Network Innovation Booster (NTN IB) dedicated to microphysiological systems end of March 2021.

To achieve this, we also rely on your support. In the coming weeks, we will approach you to get to know your expectations and discuss the benefits you will get from such a cross-sectoral network.

Further, we are intensifying our international connections with prominent world players in the field: steering committee member of World Conference on Microphysiological Systems and member of the scientific advisory board of Good Cell Culture Practice (GCCP).

No matter the circumstance, we are committed to providing our Partners with new opportunities.
We thank you for your support and presence throughout this challenging year.
Stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards
TEDD Partnership Fee 2021 reduced by 40%
Due to current exceptional circumstances, we decided to reduce the TEDD Partnership annual fee from CHF 750.- to CHF 450.- for the year 2021. With this, we would like to appreciate having you as a TEDD Partner and we are looking forward seeing you virtually or in person at one of our events in 2021.
The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids 03-04 Feb 2021
The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop is a two-day event bringing together decision-makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-chip suppliers, regulatory experts, and research organizations. Structured around keynote presentations from selected speakers, the workshop offers members of the OoC community a chance to gather and discuss:
-How to accelerate the translation of advanced in-vitro models into clinical and drug development applications.
-How to develop innovative products or services based on groundbreaking technologies.
-How to overcome barriers associated with the adoption of new methods and technologies in a regulated environment.
Agenda of ALTERTOX Academy
Held across Europe, ALTERTOX Academy provides hands-on lab trainings and events in alternative methods in toxicology.
UPM Meet the Expert
Are we getting closer to animal replacement?
UPM Biomedicals organises on-line "meet the experts" in their new 3D cell culture webinar series. Next topic is human neuronal cells and 3D culturing and will take place on Wednesday, 16th December 2020, 15:30 to 16:00 CET.
Innovation Impuls
Innosuisse Impulse programme
The objective is to stimulate the innovation activities, to maintain the innovative strength and secure the long-term competitiveness of small to medium-sized companies and organisations in Switzerland in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic.
Upcoming TEDD Events
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2021 tbd

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15 - 19 November 2021
27 - 30 May 2023
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