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Dear TEDD Partners,
We hope you feel a bit more positive with the sun showing up and the spring bringing life from a night of winter sleep. We are working hard on the National Thematic Network Cell Insights 4 Life proposal that we will submit at the end of March.

Kind regards
Rimann 10vor10
Dr Markus Rimann talking about bioprinting in SRF
On the 10th of March, Swiss television interviewed Dr. Markus Rimann on animal experiments, research, and alternatives. The questions were: how far are we in bioprinting? Can animal experiments be replaced? If so, which ones? How vital could bioprinting be in the future? What are the hopes in this?
We welcome Readily3D in TEDD Network
Readily3D develops a new generation of bioprinters that print objects directly as a volume as opposed to layer-by-layer. Our contactless tomographic illumination technology shapes sensitive cells and biomaterials into biological systems without impairing their viability. Volumetric printing preserves cells and makes research more efficient by simplifying design iterations and statistical studies.
TEDD Annual Meeting 2021
TEDD Annual Meeting - SAVE THE NEW DATE 14th October 2021!
During this TEDD Annual Meeting 2021, we would like to show MPS application diversity across different industries, which is in line with the National Thematic Network Innovation Booster project vision, Cell Insights 4 Life" (NTN IB CI4L).

The Swiss-wide consortium, including TEDD and the Thematic Platform In Vitro Diagnostics (TP-IVD), aims to foster the development of next-generation microphysiological systems (MPS) based on 3D cell culture, organoid, and organ-on-chip technology.

You will receive an update on the progress of the project NTN IB CI4L. This network will provide a fruitful environment to enable radical innovations by covering multidisciplinary fields and connecting different industry sectors, like pharma, medtech, biotech, cosmetics, diagnostics, fragrances, and food with each other.
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Submit to the special issue "Advances in Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering"
Prof Michael Raghunath, former TEDD Leader, is the guest editor of a special issue from Cells, “Advances in Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering”. He invites all TEDD Partners to submit their contributions. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2021.
Engineering Organoids
Engineering organoids (Nature Reviews Materials)
Organoids are in vitro miniaturized and simplified model systems of organs that have gained enormous interest for modelling tissue development and disease, and for personalized medicine, drug screening and cell therapy Hofer, M., Lutolf, M.P. Engineering organoids. Nat Rev Mater (2021).
CSEM Webinar: Advanced Tissue-Tissue Interactions
TEDD Partner CSEM invites you for the first webinar of the series The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids, organized jointly with New Frontiers in 3D on March 17, 2021 between, 16:00 and 17:30. The full program of the webinar series is available here.
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