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Dear TEDD Members,
We had a fantastic collaboration year 2019 - TEDD is further developing to serve the community and science. We were present internationally, and we hosted our friends from Europe, Asia and the USA during the TEDD Annual Meeting. We strengthened our influence as an impactful global player in the area of 3D cell cultures and biofabrication for therapies development. With our activities, we have contributed to the 3Rs - Replacement, Reduction and Refinement concerning animal use in research.
The year 2020 will be exciting. We will continue with our flagship activities, offer man networking events and expand towards education. TEDD is almost ten years, and we will celebrate this during the two-day Annual Meeting 2020. We are grateful to have you on board, and we will continue with our service for the benefit of life quality and human health.
We wish you a wonderful festive time and a creative 2020!
Best wishes
TEDD Team: Markus, Kasia, Simon with Advisory Board and Steering Committee
TEDD 2019
AMI 2020
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The BioNanomaterials group at AMI is investigating how tissue engineering approaches can be optimized to improve the predictive power of human 3D models. Ongoing research projects will be presented about how to investigate the hazard of aerosolized nanomaterials such as e.g. carbon nanotubes with lung tissue, the interaction of micro- and nanoplastic particles with a novel intestine model, and the effect of diesel exhaust particles on skin properties using a reconstructed epidermal model. Finally, emerging the 3D Bioprinting technology for the design of an omental model to study the dynamics of cancer cells will be presented.

The deadline for registration is on the 17.01.2020 - amount of places is limited to 25.
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3D Cell Culture
TEDD Member Event: Corning’s 3D Cell Culture
Join us for an exclusive day to hear from industrial and academic researchers about high throughput screening using spheroids, imaging of 3D structure, and organoid-based models.
TEDD highlighted in media for contribution to 3R
TEDD highlighted in media for contribution to 3R
Zürichsee-Zeitung on 12th November 2019 highlighted TEDD as playing a crucial role for the Zurich University of Applied Sciences concerning the replacement of animal experimentation with 3D organotypic models into routine drug discovery applications.
TEDD highlighted in media for contribution to 3R
TEDD highlighted in media for contribution to 3R
The global 3D cell culture market size is projected to reach USD 1,846 million in 2024. The growth of this market is driven by the increasing focus on developing alternatives to animal testing, personalized medicine and chronic diseases.
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