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Greetings from ZHAW School of Engineering, Switzerland!
Dear Partners, Colleagues and Friends

We have just said goodbye to our exchange students from the spring semester 2022 with a fun closing event in a Swiss team sport, the hornussen (video about hornussen).
And again, the autumn semester has started here at the ZHAW School of Engineering with a warm welcome to our new exchange students from all over the world such as: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Thailand and the USA.

Accordingly, we would like to provide you with some updated information regarding the student exchange and inform you about developments at the ZHAW School of Engineering.

Kind regards,

International Relations Office of the ZHAW School of Engineering
Wolfgang & Team
• Application for Spring Semester 2023
• Courses in English for Spring Semester
• Experience Reports
• Lejla - New member in the team
• Contact International Relations Office
• What else is going on at ZHAW SoE?
Application for Spring Semester 2023
We are pleased and prepared to accept your nominations for all exchange program spring semester 2023.
Exchange period:
20th February - 27th June 2023
Welcome week:
13th - 18th February 2023
Application deadline:
1st November 2022
Factsheet - Incoming Exchange
Courses in English for Spring Semester
The ZHAW School of Engineering offers numerous English language modules for incoming exchange students on Bachelor level (see link below).

The Master (graduate) level is entirely taught in English and open for exchange students if this is included in our agreement. The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a Master’s programme in eleven engineering profiles.
Bachelor courses in English
Experience Reports
"I was in Zermatt for paragliding. The view of Zermatt was awesome! I flow from 3000m to Zermatt, and I could take the picture with the Matterhorn “chocolate mountain” before getting back to the ground."
Ka Yeung Wong, Exchange student in Spring 2022, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (People's Republic of China)
Experience Reports - Incoming students
Lejla - New member in the team
Claudia (Outgoing Coordinator) will go on a longer journey from December 2022 to August 2023. We are happy that Lejla will take care of the outgoing students of the ZHAW School of Engineering during this time.
We welcome Lejla in our team and wish her a smooth start.
Contact International Relations Office
Head of International Relations: Wolfgang Kickmaier
Outbound student mobility: Lejla & Claudia
Inbound student mobility: Livia

Of course, we can also arrange an online meeting with you and your students to answer questions directly.
What else is going on at ZHAW School of Engineering?
Virtual Reality in Central Tanzania
Virtual Reality (VR) learning exercises are recognized to boost motivation of students and to be highly scalable. In Central Tanzania, the organization for development Helvetas and the ZHAW conducted a pilot study with electrical engineering students at two government vocational training schools.
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Formula Student team Zurich UAS Racing
ZHAW has had its own Formula Student team since 2019, but a combination of the coronavirus pandemic and a technical fault has so far prevented them from fully taking part in a race. They are determined to put that right in 2022. The 50 members of the team are highly motivated and are currently developing a new racing car.
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Magazine ZHAW Impact: No crisis lasts forever
Crises frequently serve to trigger creativity and innovation. But anyone who is in the throes of a crisis – or is even experiencing several crises at once – might not view things quite so optimistically. With our Dossier theme for this issue, we want to show how experts and private individuals set about looking for solutions.
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With Artificial Intelligence against Breast Cancer
Master student Carlotta Ruppert, has developed a deep learning model for the detection and classification of breast lesions. This is a valuable contribution to the early detection of breast cancer. The goal is to be able to use the technology directly during examinations in the future.
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ZHAW launches Centre for Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning and Deep Learning have established themselves as major fields of research at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Scientific expertise around artificial intelligence is increasingly sought-after.
About the CAI and video
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