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TEDD Competence Centre
Dear Partners,
In June we were present on two important events: TERMIS in Greece and MedTech Event in Bern.
Remember about the TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 on the 24th October in Waedenswil:Cell sourcing and stem cells for drug development. On the 23rd October 2019 we will host TEDD Sino-Swiss Workshop, which is currently under development.
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ZHAW Competence Centre TEDD
Xenometrix offers excellence in the quality of products, services and support for fast, miniaturized and 3R-compliant bioassays, including the Ames test, miconucleus assay, the γH2AX/pH3 in vitro genotoxicity assay, the endocrine disruptor assays, skin absorption tests.
TEDD Annual Meeting
TEDD invites sponsors and exhibitors to actively participate in TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 on 24th October 2019 in Waedenswil, Switzerland. The Iinternational symposium will consist of invited expert talks, networking lunch with the exhibition of roughly 16-18 invited companies and Apéro. The conference is the most important event for TEDD partners, and each year we have a full house of 160+ participants. The professional yet relaxed atmosphere allows for excellent communication and exchange between all attendees.
TEDD AM2019 Exhibition Call
TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 Speakers
At TEDD Annual Meeting 2019, we will discuss how stem cells have already been used in the drug discovery process and how novel technologies can be applied to attain widespread adoption of stem cell technology by the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
Exhibition Call
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23. October 2019
24. October 2019
TEDD Sino-Swiss Workshop
TEDD Annual Meeting 2019
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TERMIS-EU 2019 meeting to be held from the 27.-31. May 2019. The theme of the meeting is ‘Tissue Engineering Therapies: From concept to clinical translation and commercialisation’. The meeting is highly important to scientists, clinicians and industries interested in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine therapies that aspire to revolutionise healthcare with their reparative capacity.

Impressions from TERMIS
Pint of Science
Pint of Science - Animal Use in Science
The Pint of Science festival brings some of the most brilliant scientists to your local pub to discuss their latest research and findings with you. On the 21st May 2019 Dr Markus Rimann and two other speakers dicsuss the topic of using animals in research.

Read more in Higgs

Listen to the interview with Dr Rimann
Symposium on 3D Printing for Life Sciences 2019
Conference will take place on July, 2nd 2019 at the Campus Muttenz of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. It is providing an insight into current state of the art of 3D Printing in various disciplines of Life Sciences. TEDD will be represented by Dr Markus Rimann.

Read more about the conference
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