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TEDD Competence Centre
Dear TEDD Members,
We hope that your year brought new creative ideas and actions. TEDD first event at the Adolphe Merkle Institute took place last week, and we are grateful to the organizers for their hospitality and to regenHu for sponsoring. We had an opportunity to listen to research of young scientists, see the state-of-art labs and equipment and had plenty of time for interaction and ideas exchange.
We are looking forward to the next activities.
Best wishes
TEDD and ZHAW Leading House for the Innosuise National Thematic Network Proposal
Several Partners from academia, universities of applied sciences and industry (research, application and customer) as well as society and industry associations joined forces for the new round of Innosuisse NTN application.
The NTN Cell Insights 4 Life is an open innovation platform for 3D cell cultures, microphysiological systems and organoids as human-like tissue and disease models. This in vitro test systems find different applications in drug development and substance testing. They will be able to reduce/replace animal experiments and provide even more realistic models in many research areas, including novel immune therapies.
The proposal submission date is at the end of February.
AMI 2020
TEDD Event Summary: Human 3D Tissues for Hazard Assessment and Cancer Research - deadline 17.01.2020. Only 25 spots available.
Summary of the event
Corning Life Sciences
Corning Life Sciences
Corning Life Sciences’ line of advanced cell culture surfaces, scalable vessel platforms, and cell culture media provide innovative solutions for stem cell research.
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Optics 11
How TEDD scientist at ZHAW use nanoindentation?
See the video published at TEDD Partner's Resourcs Optics 11.
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